Novosibirsk Refinery refines mined and recycled materials containing precious metals and produces refines gold, silver and other precious metals in ingots, granules, powder, etc.

Ingots of refined gold and silver are certified by London Bullion Market Association and given Good Delivery status.


Purchase and sale transactions
for metals and materials

Material Requirements

The following types of materials are accepted for refining:

Mined materials:

  • Alloyed gold (gold placers, gold nuggets, smelted into ingots)
  • Gold gravity concentrate
  • Lode gold amalgam
  • Cathodic gold
  • Zinc precipitate
  • Concentrates containing precious metals
  • Silver-gold alloys
  • Alloyed silver (anodes, silver-gold alloys, copper-silver-gold alloys smelted into ingots)

Recycled materials:

  • Electronic and electro-technical wastes
  • Jewellery wastes from gold and/or silver and alloys derived from it
  • Film and photo material ash containing silver
  • Cathodic silver (electrolytic)
  • Powders containing silver (concentrates)
  • High-grade alloys

Refined precious metals:

  • Refined gold
  • Refined silver

Requirements to the quality and precious metal content in the recycled materials are determined and regulated by the current Technical Requirements.

Supplied materials shall be accompanied by the Document of Radiation Safety Confirmation. The materials shall meet the Basic Sanitary Rules for Radiation Safety (BSRRS-99).