One of the most significant departments in Novosibirsk Refinery is Analytical Laboratory which is permanently accredited for technical competence.

The base of Analytical Laboratory performance is analytical control and monitoring for:

  • received materials;
  • intermediate products;
  • finished products (refined metals);
  • refining production;
  • environmental monitoring

The object monitored by the Analytical Laboratory are the samples:

  • received mined and recycled materials as samples from base alloys after the receiving melting;
  • as loose powder from first sampling;
  • finished products – refined gold, silver, platinum and palladium;
  • refining production wastes;
  • waste gases and purified solutions whoch are vented into urban atmosphere and canalization.

Analysis of the received materials and finished products is carried out in automatic mode when the information from the devices is sent to the computer data base where it is processed, evaluated, accuracy checked, given a mark, included into Sample List and Protocol, accumulated, stored and delivered to the Precious Metal Accounting Department without any influence of human factor over the analysis result.

Laboratory can perform an express-test for technological samples and process solution with the analytical accompaniment of technology for precious metal refinery.

One of the significant parts of Laboratory performance is development and realization of the new modern and high-accuracy methods of quantitative chemical analysis.

Laboratory can also perform analytical services for the external customers within the scope of accreditation. In addition, at the request of the customer, the Laboratory can develop the methods of quantitative chemical analysis for the precise material and perform the analysis according to the Contract terms.

Quality and accuracy control of the analysis results obtained is performed according to the State standard reference samples for the composition and by means of the encrypted samples from Technical Сontrol Department and West-Siberian State Assay Surveillance Inspection.