Good Delivery

Novosibirsk Refinery, one of the first factories, has been awarded Good Delivery status, which indicates Factory’s spotless reputation through the long years of our service.

The factory strictly controls the performance of Responsible Gold Guidance Policy, and temporary updated LBMA Certificates are the indicators.

Responsible Gold Guidance Policy at Novosibirsk Refinery

Responsible Gold Guidance Policy at Novosibirsk Refinery

Novosibirsk Refinery shall recognize the risks of the high undesirable consequences which may be interconnected with the mining, transportation, trading, guiding and exporting of gold from conflict and venture regions of the world. This document is the proof that Novosibirsk Refinery accepts the most significant concern as respect for human rights and undertakes not to contribute to conflict escalation as well as to legalization of illegal income and terrorist funding. Novosibirsk Refinery undertakes to accept this Policy, broadcast and include it into the contracts and/or agreements with the contractors. This Policy is the fundamental document, and all the practical actions of gold guidance (from mining to supplying product to the end customer) shall refer to it.

Novosibirsk Refinery emphasizes its obligation to work in a strict adherence to the legislation of the Russian Federation and also in accordance with the officially accepted standards of international law.

1. When receiving materials containing gold Novosibirsk Refinery shall not accept and will not in any manner obtain benefit from:

  • any forms of torture;
  • abusive, inhuman or degrading treatments;
  • forced or compulsory labor;
  • worst forms of child labor;
  • other large-scale human rights violations and violence including sexual violence;
  • war crimes or other gross international humanitarian law violations, crimes against humanity or genocide.

2. In cases when Novosibirsk Refinery identifies noteworthy risk of receiving materials containing gold from any of the parties performing grave violations mentioned in Cl. 1 (or working with it in another manner) Novosibirsk Refinery shall immediately take measures to reduce or exclude the risk according to the accepted factory’s Regulations on Responsible Gold Guidance.

3. Novosibirsk Refinery shall refuse any means of concealment (falsification) of the place of the true origin of gold or its transportation routes.

4. Novosibirsk Refinery shall strongly support and implement all possible measures for anti-money laundering in cases of identifying of noticeable risk of such laundering, connected to mining, trading, guiding, transporting or exporting of gold.