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Gold and silver refining in USSR has been done at the Mint in Leningrad up to 1922. Production was moved to Moscow in 1923 where Moscow Smelting-Refining Laboratory of USSR National Commissariat of Finance was estimated. There was estimated the Non-Ferrous Metal Factory on the basis of the Laboratory in 1926 which, after World War II began, was urgently evacuated to Novosibirsk in summer of 1941. The first products, vital for the country during such hard times, were produced by the renewed Factory in November of 1941.
The plant known as Novosibirsk Non-Ferrous Factory of the Badge of Honor Order was a unique enterprise which was refining almost all gold and silver mined in USSR and CMEA countries up to 1989. The Factory was producing refined gold and silver not only of the standard purity (99,98%-99,99%) but also of high purity with main component content equal to 99,999-99,9999% and standard composition samples.

Throughout the long-term history of work the Factory has carried out classical schemes of refining gold and silver to the finest details and has gained rich experience and performed several dozens of large scientific researches in the spheres of metallurgy and chemistry of gold, silver and metals of platinum group.

Novosibirsk Non-Ferrous Factory was closed down in 1990 but some part of equipment and personnel were directed to the new factory built in the Ryazan region. Novosibirsk Non-Ferrous Factory was reconstructed in 1991 in the same place where it had been before, but the new factory was named Novosibirsk Refinery. It kept almost all the personnel, production and technological capacities of the former Novosibirsk Non-Ferrous Factory.

Novosibirsk Refinery products are highly esteemed not only by Russian but also by the world market. Novosibirsk Refinery was one of the first factories to be included into the Good Delivery List by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Joint-Stock Company status was reached in 2003.


January 12 – Moscow Refinery Factory of USSR NKF was established on the basis of smelting-refining laboratory of the USSR National Comissariat of Finance


NFNM – Novosibirsk Factory of Non-Ferrous Metals (code name – the enterprise PO box 2938)


July 21 – the Plant No.171 named after the OGPU NKTP, PO box 31. The first train with 207 workers and 678 equipment units evacuated from Moscow arrived in Novosibirsk


November 6 – The first ingots were produced in Novosibirsk


The construction of the Factory is completed, it contains seven production workshops


August 19 – The complete reconstruction of the Factory began, as a result 640 kg of gold and 4.5 tons of silver were melted from the ground and old walls of the buildings. The money received gave the possibility to rebuild practically the whole plant. About 1.5 billion rubles were invested in the reconstruction of purification systems


80% of Novosibirsk Refinery shares were sold to VOLGA Capital, PJSC